Vendor Portal

What is the Mynd Vendor Portal?

The Vendor Portal is a system that allows Mynd and Vendors to work together with maximum efficiency in mind. All work orders we send to you are organized and tracked in the Vendor Portal. Once we send you a work order you can schedule service dates, communicate with Mynd and Residents, provide proof of service, and submit invoices all in one place.

How do I get access to the Vendor Portal?

The Mynd team will setup your account once we receive all your required documentation.

How do I log in to the Vendor Portal?

Navigate to and enter your email address. We’ll send you a “magic link” to your email inbox that you can click on to log in to the portal. No need to remember or enter a password.

How do I receive work orders?

You will receive an email and text message anytime we send you a work order. You can also log in to the Vendor Portal to view all available work orders. It’s important that you accept or decline any work orders that are sent to you within 24 hours.

Can we have multiple users per account?

Yes, contact to request email addresses that you want to have access to your account.

Can I communicate with residents from the Vendor Portal?

Yes, you can send messages via the Vendor Portal. Depending on the resident’s notification preferences, they will receive messages via either email, SMS or both.

Do I have to submit my invoices in the Vendor Portal?

Yes, all invoices MUST be submitted in the Vendor Portal or there will be delays with payment.

Who do I contact if I am having technical issues?

Send an email to

Getting Started

What kind of volume can I expect from Mynd?

We distribute work based on market demand and vendor quality. Demand will vary by market and season, and we use data (including vendor response time and resident feedback) to determine vendor quality.

What markets does Mynd operate in?

Mynd currently operates in multiple cities across 9 different states: California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia.

What are Mynd’s service level expectations?

Please see the “Common Questions” section below for more detail, but we generally request that vendors accept or decline standard work within 24 hours, schedule within 72 hours, and complete work within 7 days of receiving a work order request. We expect all vendors to be courteous, prompt, professional and act as positive ambassadors for Mynd’s brand.

How does Mynd measure service quality and customer feedback?

After each work order is completed, we send a customer satisfaction survey to our residents. We use their feedback to ensure that work is completed in accordance with our standards. Vendors who score better will be offered more work.

How do I apply to become a Mynd vendor?

Send an email to and include your complete contact information, the services you offer and the areas you cover. Include your price list, if you have one available.

What documentation is required in order to apply?

Here’s a list of our requirements:

  1. A signed W-9
  2. A Certificate of Insurance – Mynd Management, Inc. must be listed as an additional insured as follows: Mynd Property Management, Inc. and all subsidiaries, 1611 Telegraph Ave 12th Floor Oakland, CA 94612
  3. Signed Vendor Services Agreement
  4. An ACH form (optional, but ACH is the quickest way to receive payments)


Where do I submit invoices?

You should submit invoices directly through your Vendor Portal, so that they’re attached to the correct work order. A screenshot of where you can submit them is below:

Vendor invoicing on the Mynd platform

How quickly will I get paid?

Mynd pays on a net 30 basis. We review, approve, and distribute payments weekly, so we will work to provide payment as soon as we can after you upload your invoices.

Who do I contact if I have invoice questions?

You can email

Common Questions

How quickly do I need to accept or decline work?

We ask that vendors accept or decline work ASAP and no later than 24 hours after receiving a work order.

Once I accept work, how should I go about scheduling it?

Once you accept a work order, you will receive the resident’s contact information via text message and the Vendor Portal. In many cases, the resident will already have provided availability windows. You should work directly with the resident to schedule your appointment.

How quickly do I need to schedule work?

We ask that vendors schedule work ASAP and no later than 48 hours after accepting a work order.

How quickly do I need to complete work?

While different work orders require levels of urgency, we generally ask that vendors complete standard work no later than 7 days after accepting a work order. (We understand that large or complex jobs may take more than 7 days.) For emergency work orders, we ask that vendors complete work ASAP.

How will I know if there’s a maintenance cap (e.g. a ‘not to exceed’ limit) for the job?

The NTE (‘not to exceed’) limit will appear in the work order you receive. See screenshot below. If you expect work to exceed the NTE, please contact us prior to completing work so that we can coordinate with the property owner for approval.

If I’m at a job and have a question for Mynd, how do I contact you?

The phone number of the maintenance coordinator who dispatched you will appear in the work order you receive. See screenshot below. If you are unable to reach the person who dispatched you, please call 833-367-6963 and follow the prompts to the emergency maintenance line (by pressing 2 and then 1).

How do I demonstrate proof of service?

We ask that vendors upload before and after photos to the Vendor Portal for all work order. See screenshot below.

How quickly do I need to provide invoices?

We ask that vendors upload invoices to the Vendor Portal ASAP after completing a job. The sooner you provide invoices, the sooner you will be paid.

Do you ever require vendors to provide bids or estimates?

We sometimes ask for bids or estimates. If we need a bid or estimate, we will clearly request it in our communication to you. Once you’ve provided an estimate, we will work with the property owner to secure approval. We will aim to notify you of the result within 5 business days of receiving the bid.

How do I get in contact with Mynd?

If you’ve received a work order, you can contact the maintenance coordinator who dispatched you by calling the phone number listed on the work order itself. You may also email or call 833-367-6963 at any time.

What are your business hours?

We operate a 24/7 maintenance emergency line, but our standard business hours are 9am-6pm (7 days/week) in each of the local time zones where we’re based.

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