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What’s in the name Mynd

Here at Mynd, we put a lot of thought and care into everything we do. From building high-performing teams and reimagining traditional management workflows to our relentless pursuit of becoming the best property management company in the nation – we are meticulous with our approach. The road we took to get to the name Mynd was no different.

Great Minds Think Alike

Back when Colin Wiel and I were heading up Waypoint Homes, we were dealing with an archaic system of real estate investing and property management for single family rentals that wasn’t operating at the level we needed in order to truly scale. There was a lack of transparency and efficiency – from how profits were being generated down to how repair and maintenance orders were progressing. Because there was no true system of record, it was very hard – if not impossible – to get real-time data on any procedure that would help inform investment decisions. Communication between managers, owners, residents, and technicians was also slow and disconnected, and it seemed like the entire operation had a layer of fog hovering over it. We knew there had to be a better way.

As we searched, we realized there actually was no solution that fit our needs, so we decided to develop our own proprietary system and build our own team of reliable property managers to address the shortcomings we were experiencing. Over the next few years, the symbiotic relationship between the technology and the team started to perform at previously unimaginable levels and produced profitability normally associated with large apartment complexes, which typically have far better efficiencies due to their size. Colin and I understood that integrating technology was a breakthrough in the property management business. But, what our experience also told us was that technology must be coupled with real people – a dependable team – in order to generate the best results.

That’s when the idea for Mynd was born. When something is born out of necessity and designed to resolve real pain points that Colin and I were experiencing firsthand, the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into building a solution is not only purposeful, it’s authentic. That’s the mentality of our entire team – if something isn’t available, build it. If it’s not working, find a better way.


Peace of Mynd

If there’s one thing that individual property owners ultimately want, it’s peace of mind. The name Mynd guarantees just that. When the company launched, I became Mynd’s first customer. Until I was completely satisfied with the operations and management, our service was not going to be opened up to others. It’s that genuine understanding of industry pain points and the high expectations we hold for property managers that allows us to design a sophisticated solution that generates more revenue and delivers peace of mind.

We pride ourselves in collecting and making sense of valuable data that informs owners on how their properties are performing. Over time, the data not only serves as a system of record, it allows us to forecast the performance of future investments and equips owners with better decision-making prowess.

What Else Do We Have in Mind?

For a company that was created purely out of need, we’re finding new reasons to keep asking ourselves “what else do we need to build a better product, to provide a better service?” It’s not just about designing solutions that solve problems anymore. It’s about delivering excellence.

One of the ways Mynd continues to refine its services is by managing my real estate investment portfolio. Stacy Winship, Head of Property Management at Mynd, insists on treating me like any other client, affording me the opportunity to provide bona fide feedback on the Mynd experience.

It’s imperative we remain mindful about the people we serve and the team we build. That mindset also applies to the culture we’re creating. Colin and I believe that educating the team about real estate investing and instilling a real sense of understanding and enthusiasm for the business transfers the passion we have to everyone on the team. It all goes towards the idea that real estate is a great investment option to help anyone achieve financial freedom. The insights we're able to share on the industry – and how Mynd can impact investors in an unprecedented way – inspires us all to put our minds to work to actualize the company vision:

To make owning and renting real estate simple for everyone from anywhere.

This is just the beginning for Mynd. Be a part of our journey and join the Mynd community!