Investing in residential real estate for long term returns

With the help of Mynd, Crystal was able to begin her SFR real estate investing journey. She continues to scale her portfolio with the goal of unlocking financial freedom.

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Our team not only managed Crystal’s portfolio but helped take it to the next level by:

Developing a plan to unlock financial freedom
Saving 5-10% R&M (on average)
Growing her portfolio with ease
Providing real time portfolio data and insights

Unlocking financial freedom through single family rentals 

Crystal, a content creator from Florida, thinks long-term. She's focused on creating not only a retirement plan, but also on developing a strategy to unlock financial freedom. Initially, Crystal considered investing in the stock market in addition to real estate. However, she decided that the stock market was too volatile and risky. Real estate was a safer bet for her and much more promising as property values were increasing and she had the opportunity to earn equity from her portfolio.  

Once she had a plan and a strategy, Crystal decided to work with a professional property management company, specifically one that could manage her portfolio, since she was not interested in being involved in the day-to-day tasks and maintenance upkeep. She needed a partner that would treat her investment as they would their own. 

That’s when Crystal’s real estate agent referred her to Mynd, as Mynd could both help manage her property, and advise her on how to grow her rental portfolio. Today, she owns two properties and is working towards purchasing a third. Thanks to her forward thinking, her interest in real estate investing has evolved into a robust investment plan with a very promising future. 

“I don’t want my tenants calling me at 2:00 am telling me their toilet broke or the faucet is leaking… I want to let a property management company [like Mynd] handle that for me and let me collect the checks.”

Managing rental property headaches so that you don't have to 

As a previous renter herself, Crystal knew the potential challenges that come up between renters and owners. She knew she was not interested in managing maintenance or legal issues, and she did not want to be responsible for answering late night calls about leaky sinks or broken toilets. She wanted to remain a separate party from her property, engaging in strategy and decision-making—note the actual day-to-day management. 

That’s when Crystal met with Mynd. She felt the team was educated in real estate investing, experienced in property management, knowledgeable of the rental market and had the technology and expertise to support her growing portfolio. It was this kind of support she was looking for. Crystal knew early on that Mynd would be the best partner to help her plan for retirement, unlock financial freedom and allow her to live her life rather than spending all her time managing her properties. 

With a combination of Mynd's personalized, responsive service, fast and simple leasing process, in-house maintenance tech and proprietary property management technology, Crystal knew she would be in good hands. 

“I had a bad experience with a previous property management company. They wanted to get things done quickly. I wanted to get things done correctly… That is when Mynd stepped in.”

Tech-enabled property management to scale your portfolio 

According to Crystal, one of the best benefits of working with a property management company is that they do the legwork. And handling the heavy lifting is exactly what Mynd was able to do. Upon property onboarding, Mynd began to take over every task at Crystal's new properties: her rental property went through a home inspection; staging and leasing photos were taken; maintenance was completed; rental price ranges were suggested and eventually, new tenants were placed. 

While Mynd was managing each of these tasks, Crystal was able to sit back, relax and even check in on the status of different projects through her Mynd Owner Portal. The owner portal is the go-to resource for Mynd owners to communicate with their portfolio manager, approve maintenance requests, view financial distribution statements and so much more.

“Mynd has been very on top of keeping open communication with me. It has just been amazing ever since working with them.”

Enabling owners to invest and plan for the future 

Crystal prides herself on her proactiveness. She understands her role when working with Mynd, which is to be responsible for approvals and enabling the team to do what they do best: manage rental properties. Throughout the management experience, Crystal has gained visibility into the performance of her portfolio and has been able to communicate actively with the Mynd team if any issues or questions arise. 

Now that Crystal’s first rental property is running well, she is starting to think about her next steps. Although she is just at the beginning of her real estate investing journey and learning as she goes, Crystal feels that the choice to work with Mynd and to continuously grow her portfolio has been a good one. She has big goals to expand and wants to optimize her strategy, and Mynd will be with her every step of the way. 

“Mynd has definitely been very helpful in this process, making everything a lot easier for me. Every time I come across someone with a rental property… I tell them [Mynd] makes everything super simple!”

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