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Who we are

We hire engineers, designers, developers, and number crunchers along with property management and real estate professionals. We hire people with and without industry experience—we believe that some of the best ideas are shared across industries and skillsets.

Our core values

Mynd Property Management serves the small residential real estate sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and innovative technology. Headquartered in Oakland, California, Mynd boosts efficiencies for property owners and improves the rental living experience for residents.

Currently, Mynd manages approximately 8,000 units in 16 markets nationwide. The firm plans to expand into additional markets so investors, regardless of their geographic location can expand their investment portfolios. We empower investors by providing them with high-quality property management and real-time data on their properties.

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Doug Brien and Colin Wiel, Mynd co-founders

We’re currently in multiple markets and rapidly expanding across the country

Nationwide coverage allows our owners to invest in Mynd-managed properties located in attractive, high-growth markets. Access to high-quality management gives you the ability to invest remotely with peace of Mynd.

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Regions we serve

Meet our leadership team

Mynd is committed to building and playing like an A Team. Property management is a complex, people-intensive business. It takes a highly dedicated, hardworking and passionate team to achieve our goals.

Garret AlbertGarret Albert
Chief Financial Officer
Ale Ayestaran Ale Ayestaran
Chief Business Officer
Kunal ShahKunal Shah
Chief Product Officer
David ZanatyDavid Zanaty
Chief Real Estate Officer & Head of Institutional Strategy
Ally BasakAlly Basak
VP of Marketing

What real estate investors are saying

"I am Mark Heineken. I am a product manager in silicon valley. I live in San Francisco, with my family and we've been here for about 10 years. I've been interested in real estate but it's also been really hard as you work a full-time job and take care of a family. And so, where Mynd has been able to step in is really own that process end to end. And have one point of contact to manage all that. We started investing in real estate about four years ago in 2016. we really didn't enjoy following the stock market up and down and we'd rather just focus on doing our work at our day jobs and taking care of our families. And the market that we lived in particular San Francisco was probably out of our range and so we leveraged Mynd to help find and understand what would be good markets to invest in. And what we really loved about the service was both the analytical portion of being data driven, but also the qualitative portion buy good properties that make great homes for folks. Its something that is pretty easy to understand. The folks at Mynd can help tailor the right investment to the right goals. So, really knowing that our goals are quite long term helps balance and understand where to invest and what types of assets to invest in, which makes it really seamless and enables me to focus on my day job and our family."
5 star review
Pengfei Meng
March 4, 2021
I've had multiple interactions with the property management, most recently on requesting service for fixing refrigerator, previously on washing machine and the heater. The staff were very responsive and helpful, especially Martin. For the latest example of the refrigerator not getting cold, we submitted the request on Sunday evening, and got replied for providing more info immediately. They arranged repair men over on Tuesday and got it fixed in one hour! Very happy with the experience.
5 star review
Beau Sydes
April 13, 2021
I found Mynd while doing an online PM search. The things that really attracted me to this company were their assurances and additional guarantees offered in their top package. They are a full service property manager, so they handle everything which makes my life a lot easier. Amy Perry had done a good job communicating to me when needed during on boarding and ongoing management issues. Danni was professional on the phone and was helpful and responsive to recommendations I gave them. I would recommend Mynd to anyone looking for a Property Management Company.
5 star review
Antionette Williamsen
April 1, 2021
Had a small issue with the bathroom toilet. I submitted a work order request. They responded right away. They also had it repaired be end of next day. Johnny Valenciano kept in contact with me regarding work order. The handyman they had come out was real nice and professional.
5 star review
Mad Jaster
April 14, 2021
Zsa-zsa Pena and Nino Torres were very quick at responding to our questions about the house we were interested in. They made sure all of our applications were filled out correctly and they gave us updates very frequently. I highly recommend talking to these two to make sure you get any of your questions answered. Very friendly and professional service.
5 star review
Brandon Holliman
March 18, 2021
I was viewing homes from this company last night and noticed a beautiful home was available, the application process took less than 10 minutes and less than 24hrs later I was approved and put a deposit down. Email Response time was excellent on any questions or concerns I had. I would definitely recommend this management company to someone if they’re looking for a home!
5 star review
Michael Hatch
April 8, 2021
Thank you for the great service. My property was refreshed and rented within a couple weeks after my previous tenant of 5 years moved out. The work to refresh the property was done quickly and at a very reasonable price. New Tenants have moved in and we are all happy.
5 star review
Miriam Lopez
April 15, 2021
Mynd is actually a GREAT company! Their interface is super easy to use, service requests are easy to submit and to follow. Maria G is so great in her customer service, and super quick to respond! She's really helped run everything so smoothly :)
5 star review
Ktell T
March 11, 2021
I located a property on ZIllow managed by Mynd. Unfortunately when searching the site I could not locate the property. I called Mynd at 7:18 PM EST and spoke with DES. I honestly was not expecting anyone to answer. Des was very helpful and immediately sent me the link to the property as well as others in my area. Moving is always a hassle but Des made my process a lot easier and I appreciate it :)
5 star review
Jaime M
January 5, 2021
Had a great experience talking to Enzo. He was very helpful and answered every question I asked. He sent me a list of all the proposals they have so I could look through and see what would best suit my family and I. Its refreshing to speak with someone so willing to help me out. Had a few places I called who didn't seem too eager to help. Thanks Enzo
5 star review
Adrianna Martinez
January 12, 2021
For the last couple of days I’ve been working with Dale! He has been extremely helpful and reassuring. When he doesn’t know the answer to my question right away he finds it and calls me back within a matter of minutes! He is always sure to make sure I don’t have any other questions. Overall, the communication has been great, we especially appreciate the email communication and we’re looking forward to working with them in the future.
5 star review
Natasha Martin
January 12, 2021
Since I have been under the management of mynd I have had nothing but great experiences.... Claire is the best... always prompt when it comes to communication. could not ask for better company to represent the rental property
5 star review
Regina Allison
January 15, 2021
Antonio Gonzalez was a pleasure to work with. He was on it throughout the process of having an appliance repaired. He kept the vendor engaged and updated, as well as myself. I have worked with him on previous issues and he was just as professional and courteous. Thanks Antonio!!

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