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We’re on a mission to democratize access to happy homes and sustainable investments.

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About Mynd

Mynd is a tech-enabled real estate company serving the $85B+ property management and real estate investment market.

Over the past few years, consumers have gained unprecedented access to the stock market, greater transparency in the mortgage market, and apps that make managing their money more convenient. Yet access to real estate, the most powerful tool for building generational wealth, has largely been restricted to wealthy individuals, real estate experts, and professional money managers.

Our values

  • Earn trust value

    We do what we say and we deliver the results you expect. We go above and beyond to treat your homes (and manage your assets) as if they were our own.

  • Be Myndful Value

    We’re building a team of people who are thoughtful about how their actions impact others and the world. We lead with empathy and prioritize creating a culture that embraces and promotes diversity.

  • Think Like an Investor Value

    We think through an ROI lens, while we innovate and iterate unapologetically to transform the real estate industry.

  • Team First Value

    We are collaborators, working cross-functionally to deliver a best-in-class experience for investors and residents. We have each other’s backs and celebrate our wins together as a team.

  • Be an A player Value

    Every team member demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit and a growth mindset. It’s not about being right – it’s about getting it right, together.

Where Mynd operates

  • 25+

    markets and counting

  • 18,000+

    homes under management

  • $6 billion

    in assets under management

Mynd is the trusted SFR investment partner for both retail and institutional investors.

  • Retail

    Mynd is the all-in-one platform and trusted partner for growth-minded investors interested in single-family rental properties. Powered by technology and local experts, Mynd allows more Americans access to the single-family rental real estate sector as a way to build generational wealth remotely and confidently.

  • Institutional

    Mynd Investment Management is a vertically integrated investment management platform focused on maximizing risk-adjusted returns for our institutional partners through acquisition, renovation, financing, and management of single-family rental properties. Our teams focus on a data- and process-driven approach to maximize performance and mitigate risks.

Meet the leadership team

  • Doug Brien Headshot

    Doug Brien

    Co-founder, CEO

    A former Super Bowl-winning NFL placekicker, Brien got his start in real estate following the collapse of the housing market in early 2009, when he and Colin Wiel began buying single-family homes to renovate and rent out. Together, they were able to scale up their company in an industry that had been the domain of smaller players, building a $3 billion portfolio with over 17,000 single-family rental homes that attracted institutional investors and competition from private equity firms. With the success of Waypoint Homes, Wiel and Brien defied critics to put the single-family residential sector on the map as a profitable and scalable financial asset class.

  • Colin Wiel Headshot

    Colin Wiel

    Co-founder, Chairman of the Board

    An engineer, artificial intelligence patent-holder, and serial entrepreneur, Wiel began his career at Boeing, where he designed algorithms to improve automatic control systems on airplanes. After running a java programming consultancy that built early e-commerce systems like Charles Schwab’s trading website, Wiel partnered with Brien to launch Waypoint Homes in 2009. Wiel led the tech, mergers and acquisitions, and fundraising teams at Waypoint all the way to the NYSE, where Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust (SWAY) debuted its IPO in 2014.

Together, Doug and Colin transformed the real estate industry. Their book, The Big Long, tells the story of how they built Waypoint and established single-family residential as a legitimate institutional investment.

  • Garret Albert

    Garret Albert

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Ale Ayestarán

    Chief Operating & Business Officer

  • Lauren Pierce

    Chief People Officer

  • David Zanaty

    David Zanaty

    President, Mynd Investment Management

  • Tito Hubert

    Chief Technology & Product Officer

  • Lloyd Hsu

    VP Engineering

  • Melissa Johnston

    VP Asset Management & Property Management

  • Dennis Bron

    Dennis Bron

    VP Central Operations & Business Performance

  • Ken Ostner

    VP, Data

  • Leo Sanchez

    Head of Acquisitions

  • Ana Mackay-Sim

    Head of Customer Experience

  • Giles Imrie

    Giles Imrie

    VP Corporate Counsel

What they’re saying

Inamm Logo

“Mynd’s platform allows people interested in making short-term money through rent and long-term money through home price appreciation to choose a market, buy a home and let Mynd handle pretty much everything else. The platform also facilitates sales and insurance.”

Tech Crunch Logo

“QED partner Chuckie Reddy said the Mynd team was ‘one of the best’ his firm had seen in the single-family rental market with a ‘purpose-built’ tech stack designed specifically for such properties. ‘They have a customized offering that is superior to anything else on the market today,’ he said.”

Bloomberg Logo

"Mynd’s vision is offering a system that shows the life cycle of an investment in a single app, from buying and upgrading to operating. In single-family ownership and operation, property management — typically a less glamorous, more commoditized part of real estate — is key to success, because homes can be so spread out."

“Mynd operates a platform that aims to democratize real estate access and help investors buy, sell or manage single-family rentals across the country.”

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