What makes Mynd different is the way they utilize technology to allow their property managers to be much more efficient. It's a great combination that is quite unique to Mynd.
Eric Wang
Real Estate Investor

Mynd Management

Our property management team is made of highly experienced, reliable leaders w/ expertise in rental laws & regulations and local compliance.

Residents can use set-it-and-forget-it electronic rent payments & submit maintenance requests, which can be viewed in your Owner App

Our screening and self-showing process is seamless.   We organize open houses as needed or in-person showings as requested & offer 3D tours. 

Use your Owner App or Portal to access a dashboard with real-time status updates on maintenance, rent, expenses & profits.

Established network of repair & maintenance vendors, who’ve been fully vetted for price, performance & speed of service.

We look to resolve all issues with the goal of a positive outcome for all involved, while in accordance with local & state laws.

Mynd Resident App

Automatic rent payments & more
The Resident App & Portal changes the game for residents and owners alike. Rent payments can be scheduled and processed automatically, maintenance requests can be submitted electronically, and owners can view the status of these tasks in their Owner App activity feed.

Mynd Benefits

Total Transparency

You’ll always know the details about your investments’ performance, compliance, maintenance and beyond – all in real time. True peace of mind.

Guaranteed Local Compliance

Never worry about compliance again. We’ll navigate the ever-changing landscape of local regulations and compliance laws for you.

Minimal Vacancy, Maximum Revenue
Mynd uses a proven leasing process with customized marketing that reduces vacancy and increases your overall returns 5% to 10%.
Lower Property Management Fees
Our industry-first technology has created tremendous efficiencies, translating to a full-service property management solution with fees 15% lower than the industry average, which results in higher returns for you.
No Hidden Fees
Our large vendor network prompts lower maintenance spend, which means no nickel and diming for service or repair fees buried in the small print.
Remarkable Track Record
You’ll get a team with decades of experience, having managed over 25,000 total units, led by two Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year.

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