How to find [and utilize] an end-to-end real estate investment partner

Investing in real estate with confidence can, and should, be accessible to everyone. Marc Heneghan successfully grew a portfolio with the help of Mynd’s unique one-stop-shop approach, and still has time for his family.

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Our team not only managed Marc’s portfolio but helped take it to the next level by:

Building an investment strategy
Increasing the size of his rental portfolio
Expanding into 3 new markets
Providing real time portfolio data and insights

Building an investment portfolio, while still enjoying life

Investing in real estate while managing a full-time job and a family can be a challenge. And for some, it can be quite a burden. That was the case for Marc Heneghan, husband, father, and seasoned product manager. Until he found Mynd. 

Marc started investing in real estate in 2016. Since he began, he'd been looking for a solution to help navigate the investment process, collect reliable data and provide recommendations that fit his investment goals. Mynd now serves as a single point of contact for all of his investment and management needs. 

Thanks to Mynd, the Heneghans were able to clearly identify their investment objectives. They also utilize Mynd’s combination of data, technology, and local boots-on-the-ground approach to find single family rentals in markets that meet their investment goals. They have since invested in various cities across Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.

Now, Marc can spend time enjoying the things he wants to do, like traveling with his family, rather than worry about the things he has to do, like responding to tenants at late hours of the night. A win-win for all. 

“I’ve been interested in real estate, but it's also been really hard working a full-time job and taking care of our family. That’s where Mynd stepped in. ”

Utilizing an investment team to grow a portfolio, without the hassle 

Before investing in real estate, Marc was following the stock market religiously, which seemed to add more work to his already busy schedule. Post-college graduation, Marc was working in the start-up world and investing in stock. Rather than continue to follow the ups and downs of the market, Marc made the leap into investing in single family rentals, which he felt was more reliable and stable. Now thriving in the real estate market, he hasn't looked back since.

To efficiently invest in residential real estate Marc started to need a team to own the investment process end-to-end. He wanted a real estate investing one-stop-shop, which Mynd was able to provide. Everything Marc needed to effectively grow his portfolio was all available with Mynd, including financing, insurance, management, and buying and selling resources.

“They [Mynd] own the process end-to-end and have one point of contact to manage all of that.”

Investing remotely with the help of local experts

Born and raised in Northern California, Marc knew that investing in real estate in his area was going to be a challenge. He currently resides in a rental home in San Francisco, one of the most expensive real estate markets in the United States, let alone the entire world. Although he is a renter in an expensive market, this did not deter him from his goal to diversify his investment portfolio into real estate. 

Before working with Mynd, Marc struggled with access to reliable real estate data. There is no shortage of data aggregators online but he felt these were not always accurate. He was constantly questioning and second guessing online providers. What Marc really wanted was a trusted source of truth to provide data and have local knowledge of the markets he was interested in.  

The Mynd team was able to give him that expertise in new cities, as well as market performance data points and statistics on specific areas. The team even helped him to identify his investment criteria and provided him with properties that fit those numbers and worked with his strategy. 

A product manager at heart, Marc loved the analytical approach that Mynd took to provide him with this data. The team gave him numbers on various investments as well as qualitative information from local experts that ultimately helped him buy investment properties that also provided great homes for his renters. 

“The market that we lived in [San Francisco] was out of our price range. We leveraged Mynd to find and understand which markets would be good to invest in. ”

Creating a data-driven strategy, tailored to each investor 

It was clear to Marc that Mynd had his best interest in mind. His long term investing goals were dismissed at other companies. Mynd helped to create a very specific approach to building his portfolio, with data-driven insights and information. He truly felt that the team was prioritizing his needs and providing him with a balanced approach to various markets and asset types. With this type of support, Marc was seamlessly investing and growing his portfolio, by leveraging the data provided to him. 

Marc continues to utilize his Mynd investor portal, so he can stay up to date on his rental properties, vacancies, distributions, repairs, maintenance plans, and more. Instead of missing out on life or sacrificing his investments, he finds there’s time for everything; whether traveling for work, attending his children’s events, or making time for himself. Marc can track and see his portfolio performance in real time with the simple touch of a screen.

Investing in residential real estate has been a great vehicle to help Marc find and foster financial freedom. He’s able to provide a safe home for his family and hopes to someday retire (early) and purchase a vineyard in France. Cheers to that.

“The folks at Mynd can help tailor the right investment to the right goals. This makes the process seamless and enables me to focus on my job and family.”

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