Buying and selling remotely is easier than you think

When Shanif came to Mynd, he knew he wanted to invest remotely, but didn’t know where to start. Today, he’s buying and exchanging rental properties in multiple markets. Learn how he did it.

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The Mynd team helped Shanif:

Build an investment strategy
Find high ROI properties in new markets
Sell one property and exchange for another
Grow his portfolio with ease

Strategic guidance from start to finish

Like many, Shanif was always interested in real estate investing: he saw it as a good way to diversify his investment portfolio, but he didn’t know where to start. He knew he needed guidance from someone he could trust, and he needed it to be easy: as a busy startup founder, he didn’t have time to waste.

When Shanif found Mynd, he knew he’d found the partner he was looking for. He liked that Mynd took care of the whole process: from finding great properties, to securing investment mortgages, to leasing, managing, selling and trading up.

“For me, investing in real estate was always a good way to diversify my investments… I really wanted to get into it. I never had an easy way to do it before working with Mynd.”

Smart investing beyond his backyard

As a New York native, Shanif knew that the best investments weren’t going to be found locally, but the world of remote investing was new and unfamiliar, and he needed help finding the right market to invest in, the right neighborhoods to hone in on, and the right properties to consider. 

The Mynd team worked with Shanif to understand his investment goals and helped him hone in on the growing suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. He worked with a local Mynd agent to identify a list of high ROI properties that fit his price point and found a deal that matched his investment criteria, using a combination of local expertise and big data analytics.

“Mynd has been a key part of my investment strategy, primarily through a couple of key methods- finding high ROI properties, local expertise and trusted relationships.”

Selling and trading up, seamlessly 

As Shanif’s rental portfolio continued to grow, he worked with Mynd to evolve his investment strategy. Knowing the right time to exit or trade up was important to Shanif. With guidance from Mynd, he eventually decided to sell his original property in Atlanta and exchange it for another property that would generate even stronger returns.

Using the Mynd platform to sell his rental property, Shanif was able to access a network of over 150,000 individual investors across the country and institutional real estate buyers. He sold his rental property to another investor, allowing him to avoid expensive turns and listing fees. Mynd helped Shanif every step of the way, finding a buyer, taking care of documentation, staging, and guidance on signing. He then used the cash from that sale to purchase another rental property, using a tax-advantaged 1031 exchange

“When I was considering selling my property, my biggest concern was the amount of time it’d take… Mynd helped me easily list my property, I really didn't have to do a whole lot.”

Sophisticated investing made simple

Today, with expert guidance and support from Mynd, Shanif’s portfolio of remote rental properties has grown and is generating strong cash flow. Mynd was able to give Shanif the investment advice he needed to develop a strategy and execute, giving him real-time insights into new markets, rental properties within those markets, and guidance on buying and selling. Shanif even worked with Mynd to determine where to grow next and how to enter into new markets. 

With Mynd, Shanif can invest in Real Estate his way: spending less time finding high ROI properties, purchasing, trading up and dealing with the complexities of Real Estate. Shanif is able to spend more time focusing on what matters to him.

“What I really like about Mynd is that I get to be an investor, like a true investor, as opposed to being a landlord.”

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