How this investor tripled his rental portfolio in 2 years

Tze was seeking a trusted advisor to help with portfolio expansion and cost savings. So, he turned to Mynd’s property management team to assist during a time of growth.

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Our team not only managed Tze’s portfolio but helped him:

3X his rental portfolio
Expand across 4 cities
Receive 100% of distributions on time
Save 5-10% R&M (on average)

Graduating from small-time landlord to big-time investor

When starting his investment journey 8 years ago, Tze quickly realized that property management was not his forte. Nor was it something he was passionate about.

But instead of seeing that as a downfall, he saw it as an opportunity; Tze turned his passion for investment into a way to generate passive income and exponentially build his wealth.

Looking to take a big-picture approach to property management, Tze knew he needed to find a trusted advisor and professional team to help and support his property expansion dream.

So he got to work with research: from in-depth interviews about business practices, approach to management and overall understanding of the real estate landscape, Tze sat down with a whole host of management companies to help better distill what kind of partner he was looking for.

When Tze finally connected with Mynd, through a referral from his real estate agent, he discovered something different from the other interviews; Mynd prioritized his investment needs. Instead of telling Tze what he was missing, Mynd made it clear that collaboration and understanding each other’s needs is the key to success. If Tze’s goals were to save money and scale, Mynd would be with him every step of the way.

“I was doing property management myself. I quickly discovered that A) I’m not very good at it and B) It’s not something I wake up and want to do. It was giving me grey hairs!”

Centralizing and optimizing rental portfolios with real time insights

When starting out with Mynd, Tze owned just a few rental properties. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio by 3X and continues to see progress around his two main goals: cost savings and optimized portfolio results.

By centralizing his portfolio under a singular management team, Tze was able to communicate with the team efficiently and effectively: everyone working on Tze’s portfolio understands his needs and can quickly provide performance and real time insights on how to better scale and grow.

Working with Mynd has also provided Tze with benefits he might not see elsewhere: access to repairs and maintenance savings and discounts, only available at scale. From centralized rent collection to not having to worry about property performance, Tze is finally able to take a back-seat approach and reap the rewards.

Expanding to multiple markets with localized buying, financing and insurance services

Tze is a resident of California, but wanted to expand in other states--knowing he could achieve higher cash flow by investing in other markets. He understood that effective scaling in another market would only be achieved with the help of local experts, something Mynd has a finger on the pulse of.

From bespoke education to crucial local information and data to help inform his decision, Mynd’s management team assisted Tze in his multi-market growth and helped to guide him on maintenance structure decisions that saved him time, money and resources.

“It’s been an absolutely eye-opening experience for us. We can invest the best we can based on numbers, but we really needed to [also] understand the locality of things.”

Scale up your portfolio with simplified insights

With direct access to a professional portfolio management team and experienced investment team, Tze was able to scale his portfolio effectively.

Thanks to Mynd’s access to thousands of data points, we were able to help inform Tze’s decision making on investments and predicted returns, which has been critical to Tze’s investment and scaling strategy

“Without that intelligence, it would be very difficult to scale the portfolio as it is today. I felt the right decision was to engage with a professional like Mynd.”

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