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Tech-enabled rental property management in Reno

Stress less. Earn more.

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We'll help make your Reno investment a home

Our team of local professionals serve rental properties in Reno, NV and the surrounding areas. We deliver best-in-class full service so you can enjoy a stress-free investment, while growing your financial assets and cash flow.

White-glove property management made simple

Personal service

Put your investment in safe hands

Meet your Portfolio Manager: it’s their job to make sure everything’s running smoothly at your place. They’re backed by a team of local experts for round-the-clock support. We’ll only bother you when things really need your attention, and when you need us, we’re just a phone call or message away, and available for emergencies 24/7.

Hassle-free repairs

Take the stress out of maintenance

Keep your home in shape and your residents happy without the hassle. Mynd makes it simple to approve requests and estimates and track their progress from your desktop or phone. With a network of vetted vendors and a team of in-house trade specialists that reviews every bid, you can rest assured you’ll get the highest-quality work without overpaying, ever. We pass volume discounts on materials back to you, and you can wave goodbye to markups forever.

Digital leasing

Lease your home in record time

With Mynd, finding someone to call your place home is a breeze: the average Mynd home is leased within 2 weeks. We market your home on 40+ websites and bring it to life with 3D tours. We’ve made it simple and safe for residents to find, tour and apply for your property, so you can find a verified resident and start generating cash flow faster.

Quality residents

Residents who’ll treat your investment like their own

At Mynd, we know that happy homes make the best investments. Our residents are rigorously screened for credit, income, and rental history to ensure you get the best possible match for your home. Our resident response time is under 2 hours, and we have a 24-hour emergency access line to assist with any situation immediately. With our income protection guarantees, your cash keeps flowing, no matter what.

Powerful insights

Control your cash flow on the go

Take the guesswork and the paperwork out of managing your cash flow. When you lease with Mynd, we’ll collect your rent digitally and deliver it on time every month. You can see your cash balance in real time and run powerful reports anytime from your phone or desktop.

Fair pricing. Guaranteed.

No setup fees. No marketing fees.

  • One Home


    per month

  • Two Homes


    per month

  • Three Homes


    per month

Leasing fee: 50% of one month's rent  Renewal fee: $299

Custom plan

Four or more homes?

This premium plan may include a concierge service for owners and institutional investors who have a larger portfolio of homes. Pricing is customized to meet your needs.

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Results are guaranteed

  • $5,000 Rental Income Guarantee

    Your residents could lose their income at any time, which could impact your steady rental cash flow. This Rental Income Guarantee program is unique from others you will find as it actually covers up to $5000 in risk of rental loss.

  • $5,000 Eviction Protection Plan

    If your resident is unable to pay rent, you may need to evict them. This could be a very costly process. Under Mynd’s Eviction Protection Plan, we cover the court costs and legal fees up to $5,000, making sure your cash flow is steady and protected.

What we love about Reno

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Growth in Nevada is off the charts. Come check it out.Dylan HeckerothDirector of Institutional Portfolio Management

Resident services

In house techs + extensive vendor network

Reviews & awards

Google Award
  • Matthew O'hara Google my Business picture

    Matthew O'Hara

    My property agent and later mortgage agent was Todd Franklin. Todd’s service was excellent. He helped me hone my property search to find exactly what I was looking for. He also helped secure a mortgage in a difficult situation. He was creative and tenacious during the entire process and without his help I doubt the transaction would have occurred.

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca McCaig

    This company is amazing. They are really responsive and quickly address my concerns with our rental. I have been working with Juan Escobedo and he always keeps me updated on my work orders. Mynd is lucky to have him as an employee. He gets the 5 stars.

  • Anthony Delserro user review profile pic

    Anthony Delserro

    Willie P. Has been such an integral part of our settling into our new home. Upon moving in there were a couple issues that needed to be fixed and Willie had them serviced right away with a quick turnaround time and zero friction. He’s been incredibly communicative and patient and helpful during the process and without him none of these maintenance issues would’ve been addressed as quickly. He had everything fixed in a timely manner and responded to any and every questions we had along the way. He’s been our primary source of truth and he deserves five stars for all the work and time he’s put into helping us settle into our new home. Thanks Willie!

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Let’s make your house a home.

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  • Who are the best property management companies?

    At Mynd, we believe we're the best property management company in Reno. 

    Suppose you're a landlord who currently owns property in Reno or is thinking about buying a new investment property. In that case, you'll need to know where to turn when you're looking for reliable property management advice and resources. 

    Here are a few ways to ensure you're getting the best option for your investments:

    • Ask for references.

    • Request internal customer satisfaction scores.

    • Read reviews online from multiple sources.

    • Have in-depth conversations with candidates.

  • Do property managers find renters?

    The property managers at Mynd find prospective renters, and perform a renter screening process that focuses on finding responsible, consistent, and reliable potential renters.

    That means they pay rent when it's due, they communicate when maintenance or repairs are needed, and they meet all of the expectations outlined in your lease agreement.

    Most importantly, Mynd focuses on finding renters who will stay in place for a long time, and they treat your property as if it is their own.

  • What questions should I ask a property management company?

    It is crucial to understand how a property manager would react to particular scenarios. With that in mind, have a handful of questions specific to their real-world experience. 

    • How would they deal with a tenant who is regularly late with rent? 

    • What would they do if they got a call early in the morning that a frozen pipe had burst? 

    • What gestures would they perform to increase tenant retention? 

    A property manager has to be ready for everything, but they also need to know who to go to when they need help.

  • What are general real estate investing guidelines?

    Rental property provides an investor with several potential passive income streams. Rent is collected monthly; an investment property appreciates over time; equity in a home accrues over time, which can be used to get a low-interest loan; and a property may sell for a higher price than what was paid for it. 

    Before investing in a rental property, consider the demands of being a property manager, which require time and labor. Interacting with tenants, answering emergency calls, and dealing with vacancies can be stressful. Some responsibilities will include:

    A property manager can handle these tasks, but they charge 4-12 percent of the gross rents, which can be a lot if there is only one property in a portfolio. Or the individual investor can contract with Mynd to do the work since it offers all the services of a traditional property manager at a lower cost by leveraging technology and artificial intelligence.

    There are various ways to calculate a property’s value using rental income, but there are two quick and easy ways to estimate potential net income:

    • 50% Rule: This estimates that expenses will eat up half of gross income. The other 50 percent can be used to pay off a mortgage, and what’s left over will be net operating income. This method gives a rough idea of income stream and potential profit.

    • 1% Rule: Gross monthly rental income, meaning the amount an individual makes before taxes, should be at least 1% of a property purchase price, after repairs.

  • Why is a real estate cap rate important for investors?

    Calculating real estate cap rates allows investors to compare properties in different areas by employing the same criteria to estimate their return on investment. It also emphasizes the importance of controlling operating costs. Unnecessary operating costs will lower rental returns, but if those expenses can be controlled, cap rate and profits rise.

    When using a real estate cap rate calculator, be sure to check that all costs are included and that a consistent formula is applied. For example, some calculations fail to take into account vacancies, which are inevitable in the rental market.