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Top Property Management & Rental Investment Glossary Terms

Learn about the top property management and rental investment terms you should know as a rental homeowner. These real estate terms will help you to succeed as an investor or landlord!

6 Legal and Regulatory Considerations for your Rental Property

Landlords have a lot of questions about rental property regulations and the new laws that have been enacted as a result of COVID in 2020. How do you know if you can evict a tenant? Learn more about the CARES Act and other regulations that apply to your rental property.

Fall Maintenance Task Checklist for Property Managers

As fall approaches, there are small and large maintenance tasks that should be completed. This rental property maintenance checklist will limit damage and keep your tenants happy. Learn more!

Tenant Safety: What's Required of Property Management by Law?

Property managers are tasked with fulfilling the obligations of housing ordinances and tenant safety laws. Discover what’s legally required of a property manager.

Why Should You Pay for a Tampa Property Management Company?

Explore the various reasons you could benefit from a Tampa, FL property management company running your investment rental home. From collecting rent to maintaining the unit to completing maintenance requests, a Tampa property manager could help you run your property more smoothly.

Why Do So Many Real Estate Investors Fail? Advice for Portland Rental Owners

In Portland, there are a few specific reasons that investors fail. Learn about why many investors who can’t succeed end up getting out of real estate altogether and how you can avoid this and become a successful Portland, OR rental property owner!

What's the Difference Between a Portland Rental Emergency and Normal Maintenance Request?

Learn how to prepare for and respond to emergency maintenance situations at a Portland rental property. What do investors need to know? It is important to prepare properly, have systems in place and be ready to execute.

What's the Best Way to Pay Rent? Tampa Property Management Advice

Find out how your Tampa, FL rental property residents can pay rent on time, every single month! As a rental property owner, it is important to have systems in place to automate tasks and make them as easy as possible for your residents and team. The Mynd team is here to help you do that!

What Portland Property Managers Do & How Will You Benefit as an Investor?

Learn about Portland property management companies and what they should be doing to help manage your rental property investments. If you’re thinking about handing over the duties to a professional, you might want a little more information about what exactly a property manager can do for you, specifically in Portland, OR.

What Are Tenant & Landlord Responsibilities for Rental Properties in Nevada

Learn about which maintenance issues Nevada rental tenants are responsible for and which ones the property owner should take care of. Some of the common issues include lawn care, HVAC updates and irrigation systems. Learn more from the Mynd team today!