How to grow your portfolio with smart refinancing

The right refinancing strategy can make a big impact on your portfolio. Learn how Mynd helped Deshaun do what other lenders couldn’t: Save on monthly payments and fund an additional investment.

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The Mynd team helped Deshaun:

Build an investment strategy
Structuring a refinance
Refinance with less paperwork and time
Lower his monthly payments and fund another property

Building an investment strategy from scratch 

Deshaun is a Southern California native with a full-time career and an entrepreneurial spirit. He came to Mynd in 2016 looking for a remote investing strategy to help him generate passive income. With no previous real estate experience, he needed a partner to help him build his portfolio from the ground up. 

Mynd guided Deshaun through the entire investment process, identifying the right market to invest in and finding properties that would deliver optimal cash flow and appreciation. Deshaun chose Atlanta, Georgia, and in 2021, he grew his portfolio from two to three, with a little help from an expertly-structured refinance.

“I was working full-time and looking to generate passive income. I always had the entrepreneur mindset.”

Finding a partner that understands real estate financing 

When it came time to invest in his third property, Deshaun wanted to explore refinancing his other two properties to fund the third, taking advantage of historically low interest rates. With multiple income-generating homes in an LLC, he struggled to find a lender that understood his investment strategy and could structure and underwrite a refinance to meet his needs… until he spoke to his Mynd manager.

The world of investment refinancing can be complex and opaque. There are many ways for an investor to access the capital they need to grow their portfolio, but many of those options aren’t accessible via traditional lenders. Deshaun’s Investor Services Manager took a strategic approach, matching financing options to Deshaun’s specific goals. Together, they structured a refinance that would help Deshaun lower his monthly payments and cover the downpayment on his next property.

“[Mynd was] able to provide a cash out refinance on both my properties. I saved on interest rates and the turnaround time was a lot quicker than my bank and credit union.”

Refinancing in less time with less paperwork

With a demanding work schedule and family commitments, Deshaun didn’t have time for unnecessary paperwork. The Mynd team handled the heavy lifting and minimized paperwork requests. Deshaun was able to secure his multi-property refinance in less time and with less hassle than working with a bank or credit union.

“It was kind of like we (Deshaun and the local credit union) were on different wavelengths, as far as the communication and what I was looking for in a refinance strategy.”

Lowering payments and funding his next investment

With guidance from Mynd, Deshaun secured a reduced-rate cash-out refinance on both of his properties. The refinance lowered his monthly payments and funded his third property, which he purchased through Mynd. As he grows his portfolio, Mynd is there to guide and support him every step of the way.

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