Mynd treats your properties like our own

Your properties in your pocket

We provide easy-to-read reports. You can access these reports from anywhere at anytime from your Mynd owner account.

More money earned

Mynd generates more revenue for owners by leasing units at or above market rates, filling vacancies in 16 days on average.

More money saved

We save owners over 20% on R&M costs without compromising quality. Backed by our technology, our team works with local vendors to ensure higher efficiencies and faster payments.

Your residents supported

Mynd residents can easily communicate with us anytime. We respond to all inquiries submitted by residents in one business day.

We have proven success in real estate investing

Mynd came out of Waypoint Homes, one of the first single-family rental REITs in the US with a portfolio of over 17,000 homes, $3 billion in assets, and 500+ employees.

The core team from Waypoint followed the founders Doug Brien and Colin Wiel to start Mynd. The lessons learned from managing those 17,000 rental homes are the foundation on which Mynd is built.

We think like investors

We manage like investors

We report like investors


We make our owners happy

Units Managed
100 Day
Average time to lease
0 %
Reduction in R&M Expenses
25 %
Delinquency on Residents Placed by Mynd

What Mynd owners are saying

  • Look no further, Mynd is here to literally give you peace of MIND! Mynd is relentless in their pursuit to manage every aspect of your investment property so you can focus your time and energy on other matters. Their mobile friendly app is outstanding and extremely intuitive and their team of in-house professionals are best in class! I have the upmost admiration and appreciation of Mynd’s leasing and maintenance teams. And my account manager, Anthony R. is truly LEGENDARY. His dedication, commitment, proactive communication and follow-through is simply amazing and provides a refreshing calmness to what could otherwise be a very daunting experience.

    Satish Bay Area
  • From someone that has been working in the property management field and has worked with a few companies, I have to say MYND is one of the best management companies out there. Keeping residents and their owners happy is their priority. They definitely have great customer service and strive to give the best service to every resident. It’s amazing how they work as a team to give the best management to all of their properties. Definitely the best

    Nancy Bay Area
  • From a landlord’s perspective, Mynd provides an outstanding level of property management service. Mynd has some of the best and kindest people in the industry; professionalism, capability, property value generation, ability to handle complex projects, independence and platform are all superior. Mynd has the bandwidth to handle a number of projects and is very reasonable with fees. Truly institutional quality management available to the mom & pop market. Other property managers have fallen short and Mynd has helped turn a mismanaged property into a community gem in months. I hope Mynd expands their geographic coverage so I can use them at properties outside of the East SF Bay!

    Kevin Oakland
  • After managing my properties myself for years, it got to be too much time and work and decided to hire a manager. No other management company I interviewed to seemed to be able to lease vacancies as fast, keep repair costs down, and keep me up to date as well as Mynd

    Teddy Bay Area
  • What makes Mynd different is the way they utilize technology to allow their property managers to be much more efficient. It’s a great combination that is quite unique to Mynd.

    Eric Wang Bay Area
  • I’ve had a great experience with the entire team at Mynd. They’ve helped making owning our properties far more enjoyable and stress-free.

    Chris Connolly Bay Area
  • Tenant demand for technology and other practical amenities is increasing everywhere, particularly in our urban locations. MAX NOI has been integral in both brainstorming new technology solutions/amenities and cost-effective implementation.

    Brian A. Chuck
    Brian A. Chuck Investor & Managing Principal, Calvera Partners, LLC

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