Why Smart Owners Choose Smart Locks

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Why Smart Owners Choose Smart Locks

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Whether you’re a technophile or prefer the analog way of life, it’s undeniable that technology has transformed the way we operate day-to-day. As a property owner in the East Bay, it’s tough competing with the big guns – owners of larger, more modern units, or those with a portfolio of over 100 units – when it comes to attracting quality residents. But, there are simple ways to elevate your property especially through the adoption of home technologies like smart locks.

Here are four reasons why switching to smart locks is a smart move for your rental property, and for residents, too!

  1. New level of control. Smart locks provide visibility into what’s going on at your properties while maintaining residents’ privacy. If there’s a repair or maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, residents don’t even need to be around to open doors and let technicians in. You can receive mobile alerts with accurate timestamps that indicate when technicians are going in and out, and residents will appreciate the seamlessness of these transactions.
  2. Time and money saver. Think about never having to make a set of replacement keys again. Since smart locks are keyless, all you need to do is reset the lock combination whenever you have resident turnover. And as a resident, you don’t have to fumble around for keys whenever you need to enter the unit or building. Zero-sum game.
  3. Provides security in multiple ways. Aside from the security of keeping doors locked and residents safe, smart locks also provide legal security with the convenience of audit trails. If a resident claims that a R&M issue wasn’t resolved, you have records of technicians visiting your building or unit. Smart lock technology documents these transactions, so you have facts to protect yourself and evidence to back up any situation. Additionally, smart locks provide the security of knowing that residents are not making copies of keys to give out to unauthorized sublets or other individuals.
  4. Get valuable, actionable insight. The more informed you are on residents’ patterns and behaviors, the easier it is for you to anticipate needs. For instance, you can see trends in resident schedules to learn what the best time of day would be to coordinate R&M fixes, building inspections, or other circumstances.

There are several varieties of smart locks on the market, but the benefits that come with any model are nearly the same. Smart locks are an easy way to enhance the security and appeal of rental units. Call us today at () 306-2945 to learn what other ways smart lock technology can position your rental properties to perform even better.

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